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“It is the most meaningful book I have read, bar none!” - J. McQueen (Canada)

“Hi Michael - I downloaded your book - what can I say? - the best book I've read! I imagine making your book into a movie… Someone like Mel Gibson would be the person to make this into a movie… mind blowing” - Jon (Australia)

“Michael… I have been listening to your talks with Chris Pirillo and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Your oratory skills are fantastic and you present the story of Atlantis and pre-historical accounts brilliantly - I could listen to your interviews all day” – J (Liverpool, England)

...a must read for everyone on the planet - Dr. Roger Leir DPM (author and leading paranormal researcher)

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“Hi Michael - I heard your interview with Jeff Rense and was spellbound. Received your book on Feb. 12 and devoured it…Thank you for your wonderful book.” - B. Jackson

Atlantis unlocks and reveals the truth about bible prophecy.

UFO research discovers the real conspiracy and apocalypse.

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Knowledge and unparalleled research that reveals amazing secrets you absolutely must know about the UFO conspiracy, fallen angels, the apocalypse and Bible prophecy, free masons, the book of enoch, ancient history, mu, the origins of evil in the world and the connection to planet X!

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The revelations in Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation will forever change your understandings of the Bible's messages and your view of the world.


One of the least understood myths and mysteries of our time, learn why the Truth about Atlantis is of vital importance to your life.


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Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation seeks to clarify much of the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of prehistory. It concentrates on the orchestrated chaos of modern times and reveals how the political and military machinations of the present have their roots in the ancient past. As well as stating the problems, author Michael Tsarion also furnishes us with solutions to the moral and social predicaments that have beset humankind for millennia. Born in Ireland, Michael has made the deepest researches into the comparative mythologies of the world and into his own country's ancient and mysterious Celtic Tradition. His presentations on Atlantis, Lemuria and the prediluvian epoch have been acclaimed by veterans in the field of paranormal research. In the tradition of Comyns Beaumont, Ignatius Donnelly, Immanuel Velikovsky, William Bramley, Barbara Marciniak, Laurence Gardener and Erich von Daniken, Michael considers the consequences to civilization of extra-terrestrial involvement and seeks to clarify many of the quandaries that other "visitation" experts have overlooked.


You will not find this exclusive information anywhere, and it's yours INSTANTLY when you download your copy.

This comprehensive 442 page edition of Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation is a definitive masterpiece on Atlantis, its role in history ancient and modern, and gives you answers for...


Who is the God of the Bible?
Was man created in the way we are told to believe?
Why is Eve considered inferior and the reason for the "Fall"?
Who is Satan, and who created evil?
Was our planet visited by "Fallen Angels"?
Was Atlantis Eden?
Are heaven and hell realities or myths?
Why is there so much violence and bloodshed in the scriptures?
Are the priestarchy practicing what they preach?
What is the Book of Revelation really talking about?
Why were certain texts left out of the Bible?
Are we really experiencing the "End TImes"?


Why is there so much interest in it all escapism?
Who benefits from the denial of Atlantis and pre-diluvian civilizations?
Over 30,000 surviving ancient texts refer to Atlantis and alien visitation. Can they all be wrong?
How much Atlantean scholarship is legitimate, honest and accurate?
Have we been told the truth about our origins, our forefathers and Earth's past?
Who was behind the creation of Atlantis - aliens, gods, or men?
Are we descendants of Atlantis?
Did history begin only 7,000 years ago?
Were later civilizations patterned on Atlantean culture?
Was there are recent pole shift and flood?
Will Atlantis be re-discovered?
What is the connection between Atlantis, the Bible, the Angels, Aliens and Reptilians?
Are you homo sapiens, or "Homo Atlantis"?
What is the origin of evil?


What is the greatest cover-up in history?
Can one discovery change the destiny of humanity and restore sanity and harmony to the planet?
Who is behind the thrones of governments, religion, science and big business?
Is the "New World Order" really something new?
Is there an occult history of America and the world?
Why do governments and religions and businesses use occult symbolism?


How did the phenomena of evil come into our world and into the consciousness of human beings?
Is Homo Sapiens a hybrid created by beings from another galaxy?
Why have women and indigenous races been slaughtered and suppressed through the centuries?
Who created the religions and governments of power and why?
Is the "New World Order" really something new?
Why has our technological expertise far outreached our psychological and spiritual development?
What do "atomic" and "nuclear" war really mean?
What is the purpose of the many "black budget" projects, like HAARP?
Is 2012 really the end of our world, as the Mayans predicted?

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“For 50,000 years the "Technocracy of Power" has indulged in suppression and slaughter in order to conceal the truth about humankind's origins and purpose. This indispensable work signals the failure of their age-old stratagems and deceptions and is compulsory reading for those with a passionate desire to know the real origins of conflict on the planet and in the psyche.”
-  Jordan Maxwell
Author, historian, talk show host and expert on secret societies

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Dear Seekers of Truth,

Whether civilization continues to exist post 2012 may depend on the evidence presented in this books controversial thesis.

Imagine... the truth setting you free that you can move forward powerfully in the world, freed from the uncertainty and fear of the distortions and misinformation that binds our psyches as well as the forces that keep us in separation.

Move beyond the erroneous, distorted, an inaccurate information available to reveal a fascinating new look at Humankind's origins and destiny, a place of true, real, tangible health, success, wealth and happiness ....

A book which takes the mystery out of myth....

The research in Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation is an authoritative account of the rise and fall of Atlantis and Lemuria and of the coming of evil into the world.

This last word for Atlantis enthusiasts and researchers is compulsory reading for those with questions about the origins and destiny of civilization.

At the small cost of $24.97, the value that this book will have in how you may choose to conduct your affairs and live an empowered life hereafter is priceless!

Don't Be Caught In A Never Ending Cycle Of Uncertainty and Despair.
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Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation

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Experience The Thrill of Learning...

Table of Contents

I. From the End of Heaven
II. Earth's First Deluge
III. Old World Disorder
IV. Lemuria and "Homo Atlantis"
V. The Race of Adam
VI. The World Falls Dead
VII. Records of Blood and Stone
VIII. I Shall Reverse the World
IX. Reptilians, Priestesses and Strange Genes
X. What Goes on in the Bible
XI. This Place is Terrible!
XII. Stargate and Quarantine
XIII. The Living Macroscope
XIV. Silicon Nightmares
XV. Their Satanic Majesty's Request
XVI. Serpents in the Streets
XVII. From the Sword to the Syringe
XVIII. Lambs to the Slaughter
XIV. Doodles in the Crops
XV. What Planet Are You From?
XVI. Our Future in the Stars?

Epilogue - Time to Change the Road You're On


A. The Minstrels Speak. (Like the ancient oracles, modern musicians eloquently comment on human nature and the condition of the world).

B. Abstracts from the following books:

    Mankind- Child of the Stars
    When the Earth Nearly Died
    Shattering The Myths of Darwinism
    Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins
    Sky People
    Men Among Mankind
    Temple of the Stars
    Destruction of Atlantis
    Atlantis - the Antediluvian Continent
    Atlantis - the Eighth Continent
    World of the Odd and the Awesome
    Return of the Serpents of Wisdom
    Past Shock
    Flying Dragons and Serpents
    Genesis of the Grail Kings
    Gods of Eden
    Astronomical Observations
    The Priesthood of the Illes
    Secret Architecture of our Nation's Capitol
    The Middle Ages Revisited
    One Foot in Atlantis
    Britain - The Key to World History
    Matrix II
    The Master Chronology

C. Suggested areas for further research

D. Scientific Evidence

E. Dragons and Serpents

F. The Master Chronology of Valdamar Valerian

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  • Cut through the hype and fear about the Apocalypse and End Times!

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